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We’re calling for a COVID-19 recovery plan, for our children and young people.

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Help kids get back on track

Kids around Australia have faced all sorts of setbacks from the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the long-term impacts on their learning and development are still yet to be realised.

But none of these setbacks have been properly addressed.

We need a recovery plan to help our kids, catch up.

Whether it’s the loss of education from missed face-to-face teaching, the emotional impact of reduced social connection with their peers, or the lack of access to sport, recreational, and cultural activities, the COVID-19 pandemic has overturned many parts of children’s lives.  

The impacts have not been equal. COVID-19 has amplified existing inequalities across our communities, impacting children from low socio-economic backgrounds, First Nations children, children from culturally diverse backgrounds, children with disability and children experiencing family violence.

Without a national recovery plan that focuses on younger generations, many children will never reach their full potential.

Will you sign the petition to help Australian kids get back on track?

Kids have faced significant social, emotional, developmental and physical setbacks from the COVID-19 pandemic.
A national recovery plan specifically for kids will get them back on track and, even better, help to them realise their full potential. We’re calling on our leaders to:

  1. Establish a National COVID-19 taskforce to lead a recovery plan
  2. Appoint and fund a National Chief Paediatrician
  3. Fund and Implement the National Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy
  4. Increase funding for students with additional needs
  5. Implement universal access to education programs for all three year old’s
  6. Restrict marketing of unhealthy diets to children

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